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The Havre de Grace Rotary Club has a rich history, worthy of emulation and admiration.

Organization - The Havre de Grace Rotary Club, sponsored by the Baltimore Club, was organized on April 5th, 1922. This was accomplished largely through the efforts of Frederick L. Cobourn, an attorney and first Club President, and J. Frank Marshall, an insurance agent. It was the first civic or service club of any type in Harford and Cecil Counties. Through the years the Club has grown and ebbed from its charter level of twenty-eight members. At the time of its fiftieth anniversary, the Club had grown to sixty members. Some say it has reached even higher levels. At other times in the Club's history its membership became dangerously low, and was once threatened with loss of its charter.

Meetings - During the early years, the club met at the Bayou Hotel, a beautiful hotel, located near Point Concord, adjoining the city Park. This continued to be the headquarters of the Club for a number of years until the hotel burned. Other meeting places during the ensuing years were: Lafayette Hotel, The Methodist Church House, Chesapeake Hotel, Havre de Grace High School, Colonial Hotel, Bayou Restaurant and presently Tidewater Restaurant. Many special meetings and events have taken place throughout the years. Among the most notable are the joint meetings of the four Harford County Clubs held annually, usually at the Maryland Golf and Country Club. Members so desiring, participate in golf matches in the afternoon, with dinner following. Also joint meetings have been held with the Lions Club.

Outstanding Accomplishments - One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the Club during the past years has been the sponsorship of two other rotary Clubs, The Elkton Club (1924) and The Aberdeen Rotary Club (May 1950). The Havre de Grace Club became a proud "grandparent" in 1990, when the North East Club received its charter under the sponsorship of the Elkton Club. The Bel Air Club received its charter under the sponsorship of the Baltimore Club in 1928, making it the true "sister club" of Havre de Grace. The Southern Harford County Club received its charter in 2009.

The Wheel Club, an organization for outstanding boys (scholarship, personality and integrity) of Havre de Grace High School, was sponsored by the Rotary Club on March 18, 1959, with 15 members. Later, this club became the Interact Club, which is an official part of Rotary International.

Celebrations - One of the highlights of our history was the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Havre de Grace Rotary Club. This was held at the colonial Hotel in February 1947. In February, 1972, we celebrated Havre de Grace Rotary's Golden Anniversary, again in the main dining room of the Colonial Hotel. On November 14, 1997 our Club celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Service: Our members have accepted feely the obligation of service to the Club and to the community. They have realized that obligations entered into for the SERVICE OF OTHERS improves THEMSELVES and that by improving themselves they could best increase their own efficiency and enlarge their service to the community. No person can afford to let his fellowship get out of repair. The world, as never before, needs people who recognize the fact that friendship, understanding and tolerance are the foundations upon which peace and good will, both locally and internationally, must be built. Good fellowship and tolerance in this club have been particularly marked. We hope that we have learned through Rotary that there is a fine opportunity to advance understanding and good will to other peoples, both at home and abroad, and to further the cause of International Peace through a world fellowship of business and professionals in the Rotary Ideals of Service. We hope that we have learned that no organization ever had worthier objectives, and that every Rotarian should feel pride in the fact that he is privileged to contribute in a measure toward the accomplishment of these high ideals.